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  • Hey everyone! The new EP Outside The City by Josh Gilbert Band is available now on ITunes/Amazon/Digital Stores! This will be the first in a series of 4 EP’s coming this year! I am so honored to self-produce this collection of original songs, along with the help of many others along the way. Want to give a big shout out to the following individuals who have helped with this project and the ones to come: Keagan Fowler (Producer/Engineer/Keys/Drums), Alex McCulloch (Drums), Matt Gilbert (Bass/BGV’s), Sarah Bryant (BGV’s), Casey Bryant (Mandolin/Guitars). Go download it (it’s only $3.96) to support our new band project and leave us a review – and share it with your friends on social media if you enjoy it!
    • Chris Chan: Love your music and mission!

      October 11 at 8:27am

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  • New live 'mini' set, for fun! Filmed at E Studio in Winter Garden.

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