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  • 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way. Help Girl Scouts of Citrus prove to all girls that they are good enough!
    • Tony Largura: Great video!

      November 16 at 7:36am

  • Today has been amazing!! Thank you to all the vendors and families who came out to support and play!
    • Toni Castillo: Absolutely amazing day!!!

      September 9 at 11:37am

  • A recent Girl Scout, Gold Award recipient, proves that giving back has no boundaries! Kelsey Chico, an Ambassador Scout with Girl Scouts of Citrus decided to take action for children in Haiti! Check out her story - proving the Girl Scout movement is limitless.
    • Tony Largura: Love it!

      August 3 at 8:30am

  • New Video for the Girl Scout anthem underscored Girl Scouts message of preparing girls for a lifetime of leadership. The Girl Scout anthem was written by two-time Grammy winner Liz Rose and chart-topping songwriter Emily Shackelton in collaboration with Girl Scouts of the USA. Since its release, girls across the world have adopted the anthem, posting YouTube videos and sharing stories on social media about the impact of the message. It gives us goosebumps!
  • Scholarship award-winning, Megan Lee, a recent Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, shares her story of how the gopher tortoise caught her attention. Most importantly, what she could do to help these creatures - proves to be quite substantial. The Girl Scout movement really makes a difference!
    • Tony Largura: Happy to see that the Girl Scouts are taking action to help Florida’s endangered species:)

      July 21 at 8:46am

    • Chris Chan: Gopher Tortoise Day on April 10th! Way to go!!

      July 21 at 8:40am

  • Do you like kickball? Do you like to support Girl Scouts? Join us on September 9th at the Orlando Youth Sports Complex for some fun, food, and kickball! Proceeds go back directly to girls!
    • Toni Castillo: Are you coming?! That's great news!

      July 17 at 9:05am

    • Chris Chan: So looking forward to this event. Great video too!

      July 17 at 8:59am

  • Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sylvia Acevedo explains why only Girl Scouts can provide girls with one-of-a-kind character building and life skills in a safe, inclusive, all-girl, girl-led environment, where girls are free to try new things, expand their skills, and take the lead!
    • Tony Largura: Great video !

      July 12 at 11:07am

  • Sarah Schuh - a 2018 Gold Award Recipient provides a detail look into her project. Please give to continue allowing girls to be inspired to make the world a better place!
    • Rash Kahaisha: Amazing project Sarah. Keep up the good work! Your initiative will surely inspire many others to take action too. Go Girl Scouts!!!

      June 22 at 12:33pm

  • When girls participate in Girl Scouts, they benefit in 5 important ways: Strong sense of self, problem solving, healthy relationships, community building, and challenge seeking! Give today to support girls - they can't do it without you!
  • Remember feeling a surge of pride when you built a fire? Set up your campsite? Finished your very first hike? Outdoor activities are linked to increased confidence in children, especially girls! For #NationalCampingMonth, tell us about an outdoor activity you tried through Girl Scouts of Citrus!
  • Starting in childhood girls are inundated with negative messages and behaviors that prevent them from building healthy relationships and ideals about their potential. Girls keep these unhealthy ideals and relationships as they mature into women. The competition and comparison formed on the playground and in the classroom carries over to the boardroom and in the home preventing women from reaching their fullest potential. The National Stand Beside Her Movement encourages girls to support and lift other girls. The Girl Scouts of Citrus Council is a part of this movement - won't you stand beside her?
    • Toni Castillo: Thank you Rash! The statistics are quite alarming. With support and exposure of the issues -we believe the problem can get better!

      June 3 at 9:20am

    • Rash Kahaisha: I will stand beside her!

      June 3 at 8:29am

  • Have a girl in your life who’s starting kindergarten this fall? Set her up for success before she even walks into the classroom! Girl Scouts can help you (and her) navigate this new chapter with expert tips and activities sent straight to your phone. Text DAISY to 59618 or visit for more info on raising awesome girls.
  • Girl Scouts has a legacy of supporting female change-makers and preparing girls for a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure. This PSA featuring notable Girl Scout alums in fields such as technology, politics, media, and sports, the PSA showcases the positive change these powerful female leaders have created through activism, speaking up, breaking glass ceilings, and more—and illustrates the importance of Girl Scouts in providing girls with the leadership experiences they need to make their voices heard and effect change.
  • Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to STEM experiences relevant to everyday life. Whether it’s discovering how a car’s engine runs, learning how to manage finances, or exploring our natural world, with Girl Scouts girls are fast-forwarding into their STEM futures. Give today to give a girl a chance!
    • Tony Largura: Awesome!

      May 8 at 12:47pm

  • Welcome to our Change Giving page where we will help to build girls of confidence, courage, and character... what better way to do that then with a fun, friendly game of kickball! Come join us this Sunday, May 6th from 10am - 3pm at the South Orlando Youth Sports Complex.
    • Jenni Chan: What an amazing event! Sounds like it was a great time for all!

      May 11 at 11:34pm

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