Matthews Hope Ministries, Inc

Matthews Hope Ministries, Inc

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    • Marc Jablon: Thank you for everything you are doing to support our community.

      November 10 at 8:05pm

    • Chris Chan: Looking forward to this event! It’s so much fun every year.

      November 8 at 8:28pm

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  • We love this sweet lady... 86 year old Valerie volunteers with us every Tuesday, greeting our Guests in the Garden of Eatin' Pantry while giving them a kind word, meal tips, and meal prep ideas. Not only is Valerie a valued Volunteer, she also financially supports Matthew's Hope and is always encouraging others to do the same.
    • Chris Chan: So sweet

      November 21 at 11:28am

  • Good News... Bad News... The good news is that we are less than $25,000 away from raising the funds needed in order for Matthew's Hope to continue our mission with no cut in services The Bad... our Double Doors and the Rear AC stopped working today on the Matthew's Hope Bus as we were taking folks back to their camps.
    • Patrick Bottinelli: Praying for Mathew's Hope.

      July 12 at 4:48am

  • So thankful for Jennifer and Adam Moffitt for their support and generous donation of $2475 through their Philanthropy Retail Store in Winter Garden. Philanthropy Winter Garden named Matthew's Hope their very first Prayer/Community Partner. How cool is that!
    • Chris Chan: This is awesome!!

      July 12 at 3:30am

  • This Mennonite student mission team knocked it out of the park Friday afternoon cleaning the MH Outreach Center and lending a hand in the Matthew's Hope Chest Creations workshop!
  • Thankful for this great group of kids from Custer Road United Methodist Church out of Dallas, TX as they help prepare for our Tuesday Outreach Services.
  • So thankful for Jerry and Tammy Pegram for their ongoing support of Matthew's Hope. This years Four on the Fourth saw nearly 400 Runners, with 118 Bags of Blessings, and a Donation of $1500 from Tri & Run!
  • Yes, that is a tow truck with the Matthew's Hope F250 attached... Since the day this truck was donated 6 years ago it has served us well... but now she needs $2500 in repairs before she'll run again.

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